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Railway transportation is an optimal and inexpensive way of transporting goods within the continents, allowing to ship in virtually unlimited volumes and regardless of weather conditions. In crisis times this is one of the best alternatives to car transportation both inside and outside the country. Which combines low cost with virtually unlimited volumes.

Our company is always ready to provide you with optimal conditions for rail transportation both in CIS countries and in Europe, Turkey. And, if necessary, we are ready to calculate the options anywhere in the world.

The fleet of wagons of our partner companies includes both container platforms, being an inexpensive alternative to road transport from the port to the recipient, and cars for bulk piece cargo.

In addition to rail transportation, our specialists will offer you services for storing, storing, loading and unloading cargo intended for shipment by rail.

We will compile the optimal routes, plan the timely delivery of wagons to the loading station, promptly issue the rail waybills for SMGS, check the progress of loading and unloading operations and track the movement of the wagons to the destination with the obligatory informing of the client.

We take care of the calculation and payment of freight charges and checking the accuracy of their charging. Besides the planned shipment of containers from Odessa, Illychevsk and Yuzhny seaports via the port railway stations, we have the possibility of reloading cargo from containers to rail cars on the territory of terminals with which our company has concluded cooperation agreements. And also ready to receive your goods in wagons on the territory of a licensed warehouse, with the further possibility of transshipment in sea containers. With the provision of brokerage services for the export customs clearance of cargo, the accumulation of the ship's lot and the removal under the vessel. We also provide a free period of storage in the warehouse for the possibility of cargo storage.

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Delivery is needed "Yesterday"

It was necessary to deliver the cargo yesterday - you are faced with a situation that you do not know how to solve. Our professional team will do everything necessary to quickly and efficiently transport your cargo in the shortest possible time.

An experienced company is needed

KTL Ukraine has been working in the field of railway cargo transportation for over 6 years. During this time, our company has studied the specifics of various industries and areas of activity, so each Client receives a proven and effective solution to a specific problem.


Need a reliable company

Delivery of goods "from door to door" includes control over the condition and safety of the goods, its marking, weighing, checking the integrity of the package.

We need non-standard solutions

KTL Ukraine not only organizes the transportation of goods by rail, but also offers alternative delivery methods by several modes of transport.


Need reporting

Our employees draw up a full set of shipping and customs documents. Everything is "transparent" and consistent documents.

We need guarantees

KTL Ukraine maintains the high quality of the services provided and carefully complies with the requirements of international law. Our company concludes contracts of liability insurance for transported cargo with a limit of 110% of the value of the cargo for each insured event. Our partner Insurance Company ALLIANZ

Do you want to know the cost of delivery of your cargo and find out the optimal delivery solution? Fill out the calculator, and our manager will calculate the cost and type of cargo delivery for you..

Helpful information

The transportation of heavy cargo and special equipment by rail has many advantages over conventional transportation methods. Not to mention the cases when, apart from rail transport, no other transport can cope with the delivery task. First, it is the regularity of the routes. This allows you to meet the cargo exactly at the set time. Thus, the risk of receiving a penalty is reduced. You do not have to worry that bulky loads on the road will be damaged or will not withstand fastenings. The transportation of heavy cargo by rail is carried out with high quality, in accordance with the established procedure. Such delivery will allow you to forget about the risks typical for road transportation, when, through the fault of the driver, the cargo may be damaged in an accident. Transportation of equipment by railway transport is the most optimal option for safety and guarantee of delivery of goods or special equipment of large weight and dimensions as safely as possible.

1.Absolute safety of transported goods, materials, equipment or personal property.
2. Payment for the most favorable transport tariff.
3. Safe and secure packing of goods.
4. Страхование перевозимого имущества.
5. Delivery of cargo as soon as possible due to the choice of the optimal route.
Transportation of cargo by train is much more practical, because every big or small city has a railway station, therefore, the possibilities of sending cargo are expanding. A container train follows, not as fast as a lorry, but faster than a sea vessel. Of course, a lot of unpleasant things can happen to the cargo on the way of the train, but if you trust a reliable company, then nothing bad will happen to it. Transportation by rail is also convenient because you can transport not only industrial, but also commercial cargo. For example, a refrigerator container may contain perishable food that needs to be quickly delivered to a certain point. Sea transport will not be able to provide these conditions.
Oversized cargo will include:
- long loads, with a length of more than 20 meters;
- heavy cargo weighing more than 40 tons;
- oversized cargo, which in width and height exceed 2.55 and 4 meters, respectively.

Popular destinations, cargo

  • Flour
  • Oil
  • Соль
  • Minerals
  • Sunflower oil

Popular loads

  • Bedding and textiles
  • Office, medical products and equipment, plumbing;
  • Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Household goods
  • Metal


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