Cargo Escort and Protection

Our specialists are ready to completely secure your cargoes from any kind of malicious actions that may damage your company's activities.

We can provide you with a full range of services for the physical protection of goods and ensure the complete safety of the transported in the process of transportation and delivery.


Surveyor Inspection of Cargoes

Surveyor activity - assessment of cargo quality, based on its condition and a number of indicators. Which is conducted by certified experts and is confirmed by accredited laboratories.

We also provide the relevant certificates and reports of the international standard, which indicate the proper implementation process and the results of the analysis.


Cargo Insurance

Cargo transportation is often associated with high risks and material losses. In addition to the standard human factor, the cargo can be damaged as a result of an accident or a natural disaster. That's why we are always ready to help our client with cargo insurance.

Cargo insurance will help the cargo owner or carrier not only to get rid of unnecessary worries, but also to be sure that in any case he will not incur unnecessary financial losses.


Delivery of Consolidated Cargoes

Small consignments of your cargo can be consolidated in our warehouses or in the warehouses of our partners and sent to the country of destination by prefabricated containers, cars or shipped independently.

If it is necessary to make independent shipments, our LCL-specialist will choose the most optimal method of delivery, whether it is motor transport, sea or air delivery.



Certification of goods is an integral part of customs clearance of many types of goods. After all, without the provision of the relevant documents to the customs, it is not possible to release the goods for free circulation. Our specialists are always ready to provide our customers with a full range of works with certified and declared goods of all types. With the subsequent registration of a full set of certificates and permits.


GPS Monitoring

Constant control over the movement of cargo is one of the main tasks of logistics companies. And we are always ready to provide our customers with the opportunity to monitor the movement of their cargo within and outside the country through GPS monitoring.

In addition, this service allows to minimize risks of cargo loss and provides the possibility of round-the-clock tracking and obtaining reliable data on its location and status.


Customs Brokerage Services

We offer our customers a full range of customs services, regardless of the product category or the country where they are held. In addition, our expertise gives us the opportunity to perform the full range of required operations as quickly as possible. And also conduct customs clearance of goods in any mode - whether it be import, export or transit. We also organize the obtaining of import permits, product certificates, as well as the documents required for the successful passage of customs.


Rental of Additional Equipment for Refcontainers

One of the directions of our company is the rent of refrigerated containers, as well as additional equipment for their operation.

All our equipment meets the world standards - it is economical, mobile, inexpensive, easy to operate, reliable and environmentally friendly.