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KTL Ukraine has its own wide network and a developed network of our carrier partners, which allows us to offer our customers only the best trucking solutions. We are experts in cargo logistics in sea containers with a special temperature regime. But we are always ready to offer you solutions for road and air transportation anywhere in the world. With the best value for money, terms and quality of service.

Moreover, the car fleets of our partner companies in key countries are: in China - more than 250 cars, Turkey - more than 200, Georgia - about 100 including refrigerators, Ukraine and Belarus more than 300, Moldova - 40. This allows us to be as flexible as possible when planning a project and provide the maximum possible service.

We are always ready to provide you with container trucks, standard tilt cars, cars of increased capacity (110-120 cubic meters), special vehicles for heavy loads and oversized.

You need us 100% if..


Delivery is needed "Yesterday"

It was necessary to deliver the cargo yesterday - you are faced with a situation that you do not know how to solve. Our professional team will do everything necessary to quickly and efficiently transport your cargo in the shortest possible time.

An experienced company is needed

KTL Ukraine has been working in the field of road transportation of goods for over 6 years. During this time, our company has studied the specifics of various industries and areas of activity, so each Client receives a proven and effective solution to a specific problem.


You need a reliable company

Door-to-door delivery of goods includes control over the condition and safety of the cargo, its marking, weighing, and checking the integrity of the package.

We need non-standard solutions

KTL Ukraine not only organizes the carriage of goods by road, but also offers alternative delivery methods by several modes of transport.


Need reporting

Our employees draw up a full set of shipping and customs documents. Everything is "transparent" and consistent documents.

Need guarantees

KTL Ukraine maintains the high quality of the services provided and carefully complies with the requirements of international law. Our company concludes contracts of liability insurance for transported cargo with a limit of 110% of the value of the cargo for each insured event. Our partner Insurance Company ALLIANZ

Do you want to know the cost of delivery of your cargo and find out the optimal delivery solution? Fill in the calculator, and our manager will calculate the cost and type of cargo delivery for you..

Helpful information

1. Комплектные
2. Prefabricated
3. Dangerous
4. Container
5. Oversized and heavyweight
5. Bulk

European countries (including: from Germany, from Italy, from Poland, from France, etc.)
Asian countries (including: from India, from China, from Korea, from Japan, etc.)
CIS countries (including: from Belarus, from Kazakhstan, etc.)
BENELUX countries (from Belgium, from the Netherlands, from Luxembourg)

development of an individual logistics solution
cargo insurance
customs clearance
free expert consultation

International road transport is the best option considering the speed / cost ratio.
Automobile cargo transportation allows flexible route planning: there is always an opportunity to change the route and, importantly, to do it promptly.
Door-to-door delivery. There is no need to carry out additional intermediate overloads.
Transportation of goods by road is one of the most versatile options for the delivery of goods.

Types of cars for transportation

  • Refrigerated trucks
  • Low-tonnage cars
  • Low loaders
  • Platforms
  • Container ships
  • Auto transporters
  • Awnings

Popular loads

  • Cars and technology
  • Liquid cargo
  • Bulk cargo
  • Food
  • Construction cargo
  • Oversized cargo


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We are always ready to provide you with the best conditions for the logistics of your goods, using our many years of experience and understanding of the market. If you want to get a preliminary estimate or contact our customer service manager, please fill out the application form and we will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks!