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Air transportation of goods, which is provided by our company is one of the fastest ways and provides transportation of your cargo to anywhere in the world in guaranteed shortest terms and with the maximum possible service.

For your urgent deliveries we offer airfreight services from the countries of Southeast Asia, the USA and the Middle East. Together with air freight, we also offer you services for the shipment of goods from the supplier, consolidation before air delivery, storage in bonded warehouses if necessary, consolidation and storage in warehouses at the airport of destination, accompanying sending of customs clearance and delivery to the addressee to the doors are also possible.

Cargoes from South-East Asia are delivered by sea (containers) to hubs, from where they leave for destination airports. This scheme is an economical substitute for air transport for medium-term cargo.

Freight air transportation allows us to provide our client with the maximum speed of transportation of goods to anywhere in the world. But you should always understand that this service can be significantly more expensive than other logistics options.

But if for you the balance of speed of delivery, quality and financial expenses is especially important, then air transportation is the option for you.

Contacting our managers and providing all the necessary data, you will get the optimal offer for air transportation, which will include the maximum speed of order fulfillment, favorable price, legal support and a full range of additional services.

You need us 100% if ..


Delivery is needed "Yesterday"

It was necessary to deliver the cargo yesterday - you are faced with a situation that you do not know how to solve. Our professional team will do everything necessary to quickly and efficiently transport your cargo in the shortest possible time.

An experienced company is needed

KTL Ukraine has been working in the field of air cargo transportation for over 6 years. During this time, our company has studied the specifics of various industries and areas of activity, so each Client receives a proven and effective solution to a specific problem.


You need a reliable company

Door-to-door delivery of goods includes control over the condition and safety of the cargo, its marking, weighing, and checking the integrity of the package.

We need non-standard solutions

KTL Ukraine not only organizes the transportation of goods by air, but also offers alternative methods of delivery by several modes of transport to the Baltic regions, Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, Central Asia, the Middle East and China.


Need reporting

Our employees draw up a full set of shipping and customs documents. Everything is "transparent" and consistent documents.

We need guarantees

KTL Ukraine maintains the high quality of the services provided and carefully complies with the requirements of international law. Our company concludes contracts of liability insurance for transported cargo with a limit of 110% of the value of the cargo for each insured event. Our partner Insurance Company ALLIANZ

Do you want to know the cost of delivery of your cargo and find out the optimal delivery solution? Fill out the calculator, and our manager will calculate the cost and type of cargo delivery for you.

Helpful information

Modern aircraft are sufficiently equipped to carry almost any cargo on board. However, some categories of cargo require special handling. For example, air transportation of dangerous goods can damage the aircraft or related cargo. To ensure the safety of goods, crew and the vessel, special regulatory documents have been developed. They classify goods and regulate the rules for their transportation, including marking, packaging, fasteners. Subject to the observance of the relevant rules, perishable goods, some chemical materials, oversized cargo are allowed for air transportation. Some substances are strictly prohibited by air. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) bans certain corrosive, toxic and explosive substances on board aircraft. KTL Ukraie carefully monitors changes in the domestic and international legal regulation of air transportation of goods and ensures safe and fast delivery based on the characteristics of each specific product.
Air cargo transportation in Ukraine and the CIS and abroad is carried out using special cargo aircraft. Experienced specialists of KTL Ukraine company select an adapted aircraft depending on the properties of the cargo and the needs of the Client. If necessary, our employees draw up combined transportation schemes using aviation, automobiles, sea and rail transport.
- Air cargo transportation Ukraine-Europe
- International air cargo transportation in Europe
- International air transportation of goods in Ukraine and the CIS
- International air cargo transportation between Europe and Central Asia
- International air cargo transportation between Europe and Southeast Asia
- Air freight between Europe and China
- Air freight between Europe and the USA
1. Door-to-door international air cargo transportation.
2. Use of regular and charter flights.
3. Representation of the Client's interests at airports.
4. Warehouse services.
5. Registration of shipping and customs documents.
6. Control over the safety and location of cargo.
7. Delivery of the cargo to the recipient after arrival at the airport.

Popular air transportation

  • Boryspil - Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Boryspil - SHANGHAI, China
  • Boryspil - ALEXANDRIA, Egypt
  • Boryspil - DUBAI, UAE
  • Boryspil - WASHINGTON, USA

Popular loads

  • Jewelry
  • Fruits vegetables
  • Temperature controlled cargo
  • Medical cargo
  • Cars
  • Urgent shipments

The specifics of air transportation with KTL Ukraine

For the transportation of goods by air, high speed and minimum delivery time are characteristic. The KTL Ukraine company organizes air transportation of goods weighing from 1 kg from the countries of Asia, Europe, the USA, etc., will help you quickly and reliably arrange goods at the airports of Borispol and Odessa. At your request, our agent in any country in the world will pick up the cargo at the sender's warehouse and deliver it to the airport, provide special packaging or insurance of the cargo, carry out the necessary customs formalities and draw up accompanying documents in the country of departure, organize air transportation and forward the cargo to any airport you choose. ...

The company provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods by air:

  • ACCEPTS cargo from the sender;
  • CHOOSES the airport and flight that will meet the stated delivery time;
  • BRINGS cargo to the airport;
  • ISSUES the air waybill;
  • PAYS for air waybill, cargo delivery and terminal fees;
  • RECEIVES the cargo at the airport of the destination city;
  • DELIVERS the cargo to the "PEK" branch;
  • ISSUES the cargo to the consignee or delivers it to the destination address.

When ordering cargo delivery by air, additional services are available to customers:

  • «Picking up cargo from the supplier»;
  • «Export clearance at the customs office of the sending country»;
  • «Контроль и проверка экспортных документов»;
  • «Storage in bonded warehouses, if required»;
  • «Customs clearance in the country of destination».
  • «Delivery of cargo from the destination airport to customs».
  • «Delivery to the recipient to the door of the customs clearance».
  • «Insurance».

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We are always ready to provide you with the best conditions for air cargo transportation.:

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